Pricing for DNS-Master

Domains (zones) 1 3 12 50 150
Resource records 75 225 850 2500 7500
Primary and secondary DNS
  • five name servers
  • cluster
  • load balancing
  • unicast and anycast networks
Types of resource records A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX, SRV, PTR, TXT, HINFO, NAPTR, RP and Wildcard
Number of requests Unlimited
Round Robin balancing
several IP addresses for one host name
Hidden Primary mode Replication of resource records to other DNS servers using zone transfer
Online editor Managing zones and setting up DNS servers via user-friendly interface
Instant updating Changes from online editor instantly get to DNS servers
Viewing zone file          
Templates Creating personal zone templates and using ready-made templates for generating MX&SRV records for services from Google, Yandex
Any TLDs Support of any TLDs, including IDN and third-level domains
Branded name servers          
Forward and reverse zones IPv6 (.arpa)          
TTL management Creating a personal TTL for any type of records
Dynamic DNS          
Email and phone support          
Price per 3 months in rubles, including VAT 225 450 900 1800 3750
Price per year in rubles, including VAT 900 1800 3600 7200 15000

To add features of DNS hosting, you can change current plan within the service term.