DNS for your own mail server

If you already use web hosting from RU-CENTER but you want to use your own mail server, you need to add to your domain’s zone file an MX record pointing to that mail server and an А record pointing to IP address of the mail server.

To add such records, you need to:

Go to DNS-master editor and select domain for editing
Add new records

test.ru. MX 10 relay.test.ru.
relay.test.ru. А IP_address_of_your_mail_server
test.ru. — your domain or host name, dot after name is required;
10 — priority of MX record, whose value shall be set in accordance with the existing records;
relay.test.ru. — name of mail server, dot after name is required;
IP_address_of_your_mail_server — IP address of your mail server;
Upload zone to DNS server

The changes will take effect in 1—2 minutes.

You also need to contact your Internet service provider that provides you with an IP address for mail server with a request to create a PTR record with the name of your mail server.