Anycast DNS Servers

Reliability of the DNS is based on the distributed network of DNS servers located across the globe.

One way to distribute servers is to give each one a unique address. Routing scheme where a user’s request for a specific IP address gets a response from a single DNS server is called Unicast. Despite its widespread usage for DNS servers, Unicast routing has a major disadvantage in that a user’s request not always gets a response from the closest DNS server, which means that some users get much slower responses.

Anycast routing allows using all the benefits of a distributed network of DNS servers and at the same time provides users with faster responses. Anycast allows distributing servers globally and giving them all the same IP address. When a user requests Anycast DNS server, they will get a response from the closest server.

RU-CENTER offers its customers a chance to enjoy all the advantages of Anycast DNS servers on all plans of DNS-master service.