Reliable DNS

Your website’s speed and performance depend not only on your hosting. The first thing any user faces when entering your website's domain name in browser is a query to DNS servers that identifies your website’s IP address.

If DNS sever is unavailable at that moment, then no matter what hosting you use it will make no difference, because browser won’t be able to identify the IP address. That’s why DNS servers are as important as hosting.

RU-CENTER DNS servers are

  • Anycast servers are located in different countries to be closer to your customers;
  • DNS server’s response time is shorter, because queries are automatically sent to the nearest server;
  • balancing of DNS traffic among several nodes located in different, geographically dispersed data centers.
  • hardware from reliable manufacturers;
  • dozens of servers for DNS queries; if one of them fails, other servers will be used;
  • a large number of servers helps successfully manage peak loads, e.g., during DDoS attacks;
  • scheduled maintenance of servers unnoticeable for customers.

The DNS infrastructure is ensured by the nodes located in the following cities:

Many large high-load websites has been using RU-CENTER’s DNS services for a while now, because the bigger the project, the more attention is required for speed, reliability and performance of its DNS solutions.