DNS-hosting’s API provides full access to the features of the DNS-mаster services, so you can use them in your own software products. API is available for customers using any DNS-master plan.

Benefits of using API

API will allow hosting providers, online stores, social services and website builders to get all the advantages of DNS outsourcing:

  • The ability to create your own applications integrated with DNS-master services.
  • The ability to automatically change or add DNS records.
  • The ability to integrate record editing with your user interface instead of having to access DNS-master’s web editor.

You can automatically create a record for your customer like customername.yoursite.ru when creating the customer’s personal page, and delete this record if necessary with no need to worry neither about storing and maintaining your own DNS, nor about paying system administrators.

Add resource records on the fly using the DNS API every time you launch a new VPS or a cloud server. You may automatically delete records after the sever turns off.

Using DNS-master API, you may prioritize MX and SRV records, depending on how busy your servers are.


DNS-hosting API is based on REST with support of XML in queries and responses. Transport protocol for calling DNS-hosting API’s functions is HTTPS.


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